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Ryan Faas - Music Instructor

Ryan, that's me on the left, is a music instructor in Langley, B.C. ready to teach you or your child in Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Music Theory.

I have a Bachelor's of Music degree from the University of Alberta and have been teaching professionally since 2003. I am trained in the RCM approach as well as jazz.

By keeping my composing, performing, and teaching skills up to date I am able to teach both classical and improvisational styles of music such as jazz, blues, pop and rock.

Teaching Philosophy

Lessons for students are conducted in a relaxed yet motivational manner. I recognize that all students are different and learn differently and because of this I custom fit my teaching to the way that best works for each individual student.

Lessons focus first on learning proper technique for a student's specific instrument, scales and chords practice in order to play music more easily, and of course learning a fun yet challenging repertoire of songs. I encourage all of my students to stretch their current abilitites and push themselves to learn something new in their music and playing.

I recognize that music lessons are more than just time spent learning an instrument. Through their practice and dedication a student develops many life skills through music.

Students learn time management and goal setting skills, develop organized thinking patterns, and explore the attributes of commitment, perseverance and responsibility.

Aside from what life skills are learned a student develops a sense of achievement through everything they complete in their lessons which builds self-confidence and self esteem in all other aspects of their life.

On top of all these wonderful benefits, most importantly, a student obtains the abilitiy to play beautiful music for themselves and others!

Lesson Times

I am currently accepting students on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Unlike convential schools, regestrations are accepted at all times of year, not just in the fall. Most students do typically start then but that doesn't mean that you have to. Since lessons are individual the teaching curriculum starts at the appropiate time and level for each student.

Lessons are one on one with myself and run once a week for 1/2 hour. All beginner students and young children do not require a lesson time any longer than this.

Intermediate students, think around Grade 5 -7 RCM, can benefit from a longer lesson of 45 minutes as there is substanially more repertoire and musical theory to cover in each lesson.

Advanced students, around Grade 8 and above, more advanced adults and jazz/improv students can benefit from 1 hour lessons in order to cover the higher degree of music and theory that is undertaken. In particular with jazz and other improv styles, a large portion of class is spent exploring new ways to improvise and as such a good amount of time is needed to correctly evaluate what the student is playing and to fully understand it.

These are by no means required lesson times but suggestions based on skill level. In the end if your budget and time schedule dictate that you can only take a half hour lessons I will squeeze as much learning into that time as I can in order to make you or your child the best musician possible!



Lesson rates can be found below. Payment is due at the start of the month for the lessons of that month by cheque or cash. IE: October has 4 thursdays. On the first thursday of the month $100 for 4 half hour lessons is due.


1/2 hour lessons - weekly   $25
45 minute lessons - weekly $37.50
1 hour lessons - weekly $50


Please see my teaching policy for a print out of what is expected of each student and of the teacher. Details on make up lessons and payment information are also contained within the teaching policy.

If you have any other questions about taking lessons you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers or feel free to email or call me directly.

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